Terms and Conditions

Dobby-the-Chef Subscription plans are auto-renewing. To cancel your order, please contact us at 8830141386.


Disclaimer and Liability Waiver:

We at Dobby-the-Chef make every effort to ensure that we provide wholesome and well balanced meals to your dog to make sure that they lead a healthy and happy life. However, as we are not certified veterinary doctors, we have designed our meals based on a lot of careful research and trials. All our meals are lab tested for quality and safety and they meet the AFFCO guidelines. In addition to that every meal is also tried by our in-house team of pets for taste and palatability. All the meals are designed for normal dogs, with no pre-existing health conditions.
In case your dog has an existing health issue or in case you are concerned whether the home cooked meal is good for your dog or not, we would recommend that you consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet to Dobby-the-Chef or any other meal plan.

In no event shall Dobby-the-Chef be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of any edible product purchased herein. You agree and acknowledge that any product purchased should be used at your own risk and you should assess the risks individually to your dog before purchasing any product or using any product on your pet. You agree that in the event that Dobby-the-Chef is deemed liable for any harm caused, the amount which it shall be liable to you shall be limited to the cost of the product only.

All the meals plans are formulated keeping in mind the calorie and nutritional requirement of a healthy dog and to maintain a healthy life in a growing or adult dog with the use of human grade ingredients. Dobby-the-Chef does not clam that our product or services will heal, cure or alleviate any health condition or symptoms. At present we do not provide meal plans for medical specific needs of dogs. In case your dog is allergic to a certain food that is included in the meal, we will try to elimitate that ingredient from your meals. However, Dobby-the-Chef is not responsible for any allergic reaction in your dog, unless we have been informed in advance on mail and acknowledged by us about the removal of the ingredient from the meal of your pet.
Thank you for being a responsible pet parent and joining us on this journey of providing healthy, wholesome meals to feed your dog better.

For enquiries, please contact us on 8830141386.

Payments and Promotions

Payment is due upon purchasing a Dobby-the-Chef subscription plan. By opting in to any of our subscription plans (weekly, monthly), you have agreed to allow Dobby-the-Chef to bill you on a recurring basis according to the selected plan’s term. No additional items will be billed outside of your selected items within your invoice unless approved by the owner of the account.
If you are using a promotion or a discount code, please enter it at checkout to receive an immediate discount. Promotion or discount codes may not be used on already discounted programs unless specified otherwise. We reserve the right to create, amend, and enforce any promotional plan anytime during the promotion period.

Billings, Rescheduling, Cancellations, and Refunds

If you are traveling, you can reschedule your deliveries to the next slot by contacting us on call/ whatsapp 8830141386 atleast 2 days in advance.

You acknowledge and agree that Dobby-the-Chef has no obligation to provide a refund for any Products that is undelivered or spoilt because of delayed information about rescheduling. Dobby-the-Chef reserves the right to refund review cancellations of subscription plans due to medical reasons with supporting documents, on a case by case basis.

Refunds will not be issued for delays that are the result of factors outside the control of Dobby-the-Chef, including but not limited to weather and traffic. If for any reason we have to cancel your delivery, you will be notified by email or by phone, and the number of meals cancelled will be automatically added to your next delivery. If this does not suit your schedule, please do let us know and we will do our best to find a better arrangement to make the delivery possible as per your convenience.


Weekly and Monthly Subscription – By signing up for our Subscription, you authorize us to charge you a one-time cost of the total meal plan. A recurring subscription fee at the then current rate will be charged as per schedule at the end of the meal plan.

In the event that you want to change the meal plan to a longer or a shorter plan, please contact us for the same. After the completion of the existing meal plan, the next cycle will be billed as per the new meal plan. You acknowledge that Dobby-the-Chef cannot change a meal plan in the middle of the cycle and only after the completion of the existing plan can the new plan be initiated.

Your meal plans cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable. You agree and acknowledge that if you cancel a meal plan in the middle, the balance amount cannot be refunded. You can however cancel the plan after the completion of the current plan and no further payment will be deducted. You can send in the cancellation request to or call 8830141386.


Delivery Schedule for subscription
We have fixed days for location specific deliveries. Based on the location of your delivery, you will get your deliveries every fourth day. We will notify you via email or through phone provided should there be a change in delivery schedule due to Public Holidays.


Delivery Disclaimer

Dobby-the-Chef pouches must be immediately stored in the fridge when you receive the delivery. Thaw the meal pouches at room temperature for an hour or two before giving it to you pet. As meals are completely preservative-free, the contents of the meal packs may alter in texture and property if proper care during storage is not taken after delivery. Dobby-the-Chef is not responsible for any spoiling or damage to the content of the packs post-delivery.
You acknowledge and agree that Dobby-the-Chef is not responsible for failed deliveries due to incomplete or incorrect address. We will make every effort to ensure that the meals are delivered in accordance to your specifications. However, if you are not home to receive the delivery or there is no safe place to leave it, we will bring your delivery back to our kitchen after a wait time of 5 minutes. it will be available for pick-up at our kitchen.


Weather and Traffic Allowances

Our delivery teams do their best to get your order to you on time. However, delays due to weather, traffic and other factors that are outside of their control cannot be prevented all the time. Rest assured that we will do our best to deliver within the preferred time slot. As soon as we receive notice of any major delay, we will contact you via email or phone.
In instances of hazardous weather such as thunderstorms, we hold the right to cancel our deliveries in order to avoid putting our delivery teams at risk. In such a case, we will notify you as early as possible and your plan will be automatically extended by the number of days cancelled. If this does not suit your schedule, please let us know and we will do our best to find a better arrangement. As both traffic and weather are outside of the normal control of  Dobby-the-Chef, cash refunds cannot be issued for affected orders.

Group Rates for Friends and Multi-dog Households

To enquire on group discounts for three dogs or more, please call 8830141386


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Dobby-the-Chef, its employees, officers, board of directors, consultants, agents and affiliates harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including costs and attorney fees, arising from or related to your use of the site and our services.


The images and colors displayed on the Web Site do not necessarily represent or depict actual meal plans or food offered by Dobby-the-Chef. Meals and meal plans are subject to change without notice.


Inaccuracy Disclaimer

The Web Site may at times contain typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, and availability. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice (including after you have submitted your order).


Dobby-the-Chef may, in its sole discretion, terminate your account or your use of the Web Site at any time. You are personally liable for any orders that you place or charges that you incur prior to termination. Dobby-the-Chef reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue all or any aspects of the Web Site at any time without prior notice.



Frequently Asked Question

1. Will my dog like the food?

Well, every dog will have a different opinion, but our "Special chicken feast" is always a clear winner with everyone.

2. What if my dog doesn't like the food?

We make sure that our food is tasty for a dog's taste but it might be the case that out of habit he/she does not like it at first. You can introduce the food slowly by giving the food just once a day. There is a variable adjustment period each dog needs. But you should never force any food on them.

3. Who prepares the food & where?

Personally appointed cooks & in well-maintained kitchens. Don't worry we too care for our four-legged friends.

4. How is the food customized?

We take your dog's life stage, weight & exercise level into account, work on them to come to a specific calorie number they should be consuming each day, & then deliver to you that amount of balanced food. This customization also helps them attain ideal weight.

5. What cautions should I take with the food?

The same as you would take for your own. Do not let the food sit for more than a few days, it should be kept in the fridge & can be microwaved before chomping on.

6. How is the food fresh?

It is for consumption only for up to 4-5 days since the food contains absolutely no preservatives.

7. What are the food contents?

The food is completely balanced in all terms. Even the "Vegetarian Surprise" maintains high protein content. Ingredients are rice, chicken/egg/paneer, soybean, vegetables, raagi, edible oil, and our special Nutri mix. Our food is tested for quality and shelf life and meets AAFCO and BIS standards.

8. Any allergens in the food?

Some possible food allergies...Contains dairy- products, soya chunks.

9. How much do I feed my dog?

1-2Kg: 7.5% of bodyweight
3kg-4kg: 5% of bodyweight
5kg-8kg: 3.5% of bodyweight
9kg-10kg: 2% of bodyweight
Above 10 kg: 1.5% of bodyweight

10. How will the food reach my Dog’s bowl?

The food that we make in our kitchen is absolutely fresh without any preservatives. The fresh food is delivered to your doorstep every 4th day.

11. How much is Dobby-the-Chef food’s shelf life?

4 days under refrigeration and 2 weeks if deep-frozen. The shelf life will be increased in near future without compromising by adding any preservatives and toxic chemicals.

12. What are my ordering options?

You can order one-time standard meals i.e. 300gms or 500gms. There is also a monthly subscription (60 meals over period of 30 days) in which you get two portioned meals per day. Three days’ worth food delivered every fourth day (i.e 10 deliveries in a month).

13. How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe via whatsapp/ e-mail/ call. You just need to give a little about of information about your dog and we come up with best specified plan according to your dog characteristics.

14. Do my subscription price change with customization?

Yes, it might increase or decrease with respect to the special ingredients included (if any) and intake qty. of your dog.

15. Can I cancel my order?

Cake orders and one-time orders are non-cancellable. However, for subscriptions, you can cancel specific day delivery by informing us two days in advance.

16. How to renew the subscription?

You will be notified prior to the start of next month's subscription; you can choose to discontinue or allow auto-renewal.

17. What are the delivery charges?

Delivery for one time meals is as mentioned in the delivery chart. Delivery for subscriptions upto 5 kms from our kitchen is free. Above that 10 Rs. Per KM, per delivery cost gets added to the subscription cost.

18. Can I pick up the food & avoid the delivery charges?

Yes, you can collect the food at a maximum interval of four days straight from our kitchen.

19. How do I pay?

One-time meals, Cakes, cookies, accessories, etc. charges are to be paid at the time of order. The subscription charges (as per customization required and ideal weight of dog) are to be paid within 1 week of the start of the subscription. You can pay digitally using the below-mentioned details or we also accept cash on delivery.

Account Name: Paw & Tails Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Account no.: 50200065349844

IFSC code: HDFC0000102